Snowise Brightening Emulsion
Snowise Brightening Emulsion
Per Bottle
1 bottle
Product Description

Sulwhasoo Snowise Brightening Emulsion (125ml)
The main effect is whitening, the ingredient of Hedyotis diffusa can protect the skin from environmental damage and prepare for the whitening treatment; the light texture allows the water moist penetrates to the skin bottom easily to provide adequate water.

Product Features:
Thin and light texture: It will not cause burden to skin, allows deep penetration to the bottom of the skin.
Whitening: Hedyotis diffusa distant the skin from the environment damage, prepare for the whitening treatment.
Regain soft and transparent skin: Continuously use the emulsion with the essence of the same series, which brings you the better effect.

how to use

After using the Snowise Brightening Serum at day and night, take appropriate amount in the palm, then apply to face with fingertips.


Hedyotis diffusa: To help protecting the skin from environmental damage, for the subsequent process of skin whitening, to lay the foundation for the program. Green tea extract: To adjust the skin condition, reproduce the skin’s vitality.

Snowise Brightening Emulsion